The German Association for Safety, Health and Environmental Protection at Work (Verband für Sicherheit, Gesundheit und Umweltschutz bei der Arbeit – VDSI) has adopted a position paper which recognises that Vison Zero is a path towards safe and healthy work. The VDSI is Germany's largest professional association for safety, health and environmental protection and has over 5,600 members.

The first Vision Zero Ambassador, Michael Lopez-Alegria, has taken the first private crew to the International Space Station (ISS).
The Agricultural Social Insurance Fund of Poland (KRUS), has used the Vision Zero strategy to promote prevention in agriculture, by organizing a national awareness raising campaign
| A look back at the symposium for the A+A Congress 2021
What solutions can help us realize Vision Zero when working with goods vehicles? In the context of the A+A Congress of 25–29 October 2021, the ISSA Section on Prevention in Transportation has built a bridge between everyday practical challenges and the ideals of Vision Zero with a symposium on this question.
| Awards

The International Lime Association (ILA) is a member of the International Section of the ISSA on Prevention in the Mining Industry.

In an effort to establish a pro-active Prevention Culture and involve all leaders and all workers alike, the ILA has issued a Health and Safety Award in three categories: Technology, Prevention Culture and Health Prevention and a special Recognition for efforts to address New Risks.

| Guides
New updated Version of the Vision Zero Seven Golden Rules for Small Businesses guide in Hindi Version is now available.
| Events
The International Vision Zero Africa Conference was held in Lagos, Nigeria from 23–25 November 2021, and hosted by the International Section of the ISSA on Prevention in the Construction Industry, OSH Africa and other partners.
| Online, 11–13 May 2022

The Second Vision Zero Summit will be held from 11 to 13 May 2022 as an online event. It will undoubtedly be THE event of the coming year for the Vision Zero community.

The San José Vision Zero Declaration for the Middle Americas and the Caribbean was adopted on 15 October 2021 during the

The International Media Festival for Prevention took place from 20 – 23 September 2021 as an integral part of the