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The Vision Zero Campaign aims to motivate and support businesses to develop a workplace prevention culture which is based on the belief that every accident, disease and harm at work is preventable. This can be achieved if the three dimensions of safety, health and wellbeing are appropriately integrated at all levels of work.

The Vision Zero concept is flexible and can be adjusted to specific needs and priorities in any given context. The success of implementing the Vision Zero strategy will ultimately be determined by dedicated employers, motivated managers and vigilant employees.

As leadership is essential, campaign partners play an important role in prevention; their support and contribution are vital to the campaign’s success.

The ISSA provides its campaign partners with:

  • Full access to the Vision Zero Campaign materials prepared by the ISSA and its Special Commission on Prevention
  • The Vision Zero Guide with seven golden rules and practical checklists
  • Vision Zero Guide and other supporting materials
  • Vision Zero Company logo.
  • Vision Zero Company certificate

A safe and healthy workplace is possible. Now it is up to you!

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