People behind Vision Zero

Vision Zero people

The Vision Zero campaign has energized companies and organizations worldwide with the ambition to strive towards a world of work without accidents and illness. Behind every organization stand extraordinarily engaged people, and on these pages we give them visibility.



Our ambassadors are outstanding individuals from the world of politics, science and sports who are engaged in safety, health and wellbeing.


Our Vision Zero profiles are the people behind the decision for companies and organizations to join the campaign. They work every day to create a workplace based on safety, health and wellbeing.

VISION ZERO Steering Committee

The ISSA Special Commission on Prevention decided to create a Committee, which would take a lead role in developing VISION ZERO further. Activities of the steering committee include the promotion of VISION ZERO at Conferences, workshops and seminars. The Committee also oversees the development of new VISION ZERO products and publications, such as the series of 7 Golden Rules guides for wellbeing, the environment, for small businesses and is looking into other VISION ZERO activities, ranging from training to benchmarking and collecting feedback from VISION ZERO supporters.

Helmut Ehnes

The Steering Committee is currently chaired by Helmut Ehnes.