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Engr. Jamiu Badmos
Executive Director, Strategies
Safety Advocacy & Empowerment Foundation

Engr. Jamiu Badmos
“Vision Zero gave us the opportunity to strengthen our belief in improving the values attached to lives and sustaining a positive safety culture in the society.

Our belief in Vision Zero is predicated on three ingredients: All harm is preventable, We all have the right to go home unharmed every day and we must work together to achieve it.”

The Safety Advocacy and Empowerment Foundation (The SAFETY ADVOCATES) is a leading Not for profit and Non-Governmental Organization in Nigeria dedicated to the promotion of Occupational Safety & Health, Public Safety, Environmental Management, Sustainability and Business Continuity in Nigeria and the global village at large.

Mr César Herrera Salgado
ASONAP HSE President
General Manager of HSEC Innovation
PhD in Technology and Innovation Management and Vision Zero Trainer

César Herrera Salgado
“The concept, philosophy, tools and purpose of ISSA Vision Zero, of influencing, inspiring, transmitting, spreading, motivating, encourage and help millions of workers, companies and institutions all over the world in order to strengthen a preventive culture and enhance productivity and sustainability, as well as to improve in a positive way the safety, health and wellbeing performance, lowering greatly job accidents and occupational diseases.

Vision Zero practical tools fit perfectly with the purpose and vision of ASONAP HSE, this is the reason why we embrace and commit to raise and wave the flag, colors and the seven golden rules Vision Zero in all our activities, programs in Latin America.”

The National Association of Professionals in Health, Safety and Environment, – ASONAP HSE, a not for profit organization founded in Colombia, has as its Mission; To Promote Cero Harm Culture in the Communities, accordingly with its Vision of becoming a lifestyle impacting the communities inside and outside of work, at national and international level.

Marie Diallo,
Directeur de la Prévention des Risques Professionnels, Caisse de sécurité sociale du Sénégal

Marie Diallo
“Le nouveau concept de Vision Zero va fortement contribuer à faire baisser le taux d’accidents de travail et de maladies professionnelles. En effet, sa simplicité en fait un outil didactique à la portée de tout intervenant en milieu de travail.
Au Sénégal, nous allons procéder à la mise en œuvre de la campagne Vision Zero cette année 2020. Elle nous permettra, j’en suis convaincue, de consolider les initiatives déjà entamées dans la promotion des bonnes pratiques en matière de prévention des risques professionnels.”

Conformément aux dispositions légales et réglementaires régissant laCaisse de Sécurité Sociale, la principale mission de la Direction de la Prévention des Risques Professionnels est de contribuer à réduire les taux de fréquence et de gravité des accidents du travail et maladies professionnelles.
C’est ainsi que les activités menées par la Direction de la Prévention des Risques Professionnels s’articulent autour du contrôle des conditions de travail, de la formation en SST, de la sensibilisation des travailleurs, du conseil-Assistance aux employeurs et de toutes les activités à caractère informatif, éducationnel et promotionnel.

Nguyen Thi Hoai Nga,
Associate Professor, Mining Management Department, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology

Nguyen Thi Hoai Nga
“Vision Zero can be supported and developed by education. Being a lecturer at the university gives me opportunities to transfer the objectives and activities of Vision Zero and sharing experts’ experiences to young generations at the university and from the industry, who need to understand that prevention of fatal accidents at work is imperative. Interactive discussion between trainers and trainees can help to understand and implement of the 7 Golden Rules in many ways for a better usage in the future.”

Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (HUMG) is a public university established in 1966 under the Ministry of Education and Training of Viet Nam. Over 50 years of development, HUMG is proud to be the forerunner educational institute in Viet Nam regarding training and research of earth sciences, mining and other relevant areas. Since years, HUMG has been promoting its core values of quality, creativity, pioneering, integration, high social responsibility and sustainable development. Safety and no more occupational accidents are therefore one of HUMG’s priorities.
EOSH logo

Olha Bohdanova,
Chairperson of the Board in ESOSH, PhD in Engineering, Tech IOSH, Vision Zero Trainer <a data-cke-saved-href=">ESOSH, - the European Society of Occupational Safety & Health

Olha Bohdanova
“In time of rapid changes, it is crucial to keep growing your organization accordingly. Vision Zero is exactly what you need to have a modern view! All that I learnt from Vision Zero, is useful for occupational safety and health practice:
  • Keep your messages short and clear
  • Make your rules understandable
  • Act together
  • Highlight good examples
  • Add value constantly
Vison Zero is a river of changes, just step into it and feel the powerful flow.”

ESOSH, the European Society of Occupational Safety & Health – a non-profitable public community founded in Ukraine. ESOSH is the professional association of occupational safety and health practitioners, and volunteers, who support the vision of the organization that life is the ultimate value. The aim of ESOSH is to enhance the labour environment using the European best practices of safety at work. It has more than 500 members from different countries.

Iván Ciudad-Valls,
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), ICCESAL, Spain

Iván Ciudad-Valls
“We joined Vision Zero because we fully share its philosophy and the transformative approach to Health and Safety. We support Vision Zero and we will continue to strive to share proactive solutions to prevent incidents, accidents and occupational diseases. It is necessary to work together globally so that people have decent work, with optimal health and safety in the workplace with equal opportunities and treatment”.

At ICCESAL we carry out consulting, research and training on safety, health and well-being in the workplace. We work nationally and internationally to help improve health and safety and to sensitize leaders that investing in health and safety is always profitable.
ICCESAL is a specialised and independent services company. We are used by companies, institutions and organisations in different areas and industries in order to find solutions to one or more of their problems in the field of occupational health and safety, which is based on innovation, experience, knowledge, professional skills, methods and tools.
OSH Literacy

David Magee,
Founder, OSH

David Magee
"Vision Zero gives us the opportunity to learn and work with a truly, global range of dedicated professionals in order to achieve a shared goal. We envisage OSH literacy’s contribution will be to share our experience and expertise to raise awareness and best practice with regards to inclusive and effective OSH communications and training."

OSH is an educational and training NGO, which advocates for Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) communications to be accessible to all. We are a collective of volunteer teachers, trainers, health-care workers and OSH professionals committed to making a tangible reduction in the unacceptably high numbers of deaths, diseases, injuries and losses which occur globally due to poor OSH communications, especially for at-risk groups. We are active in a variety of different areas.
Social Security Organization (SOCSO), Malaysia

Dr Aziz Mohammed Mohammed Azman,
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Social Security Organization (SOCSO), Malaysia

Dr Aziz Mohammed Mohammed Azman
"Vision Zero provides a holistic package to establish 'zero’ as the only acceptable number of accidents or fatalities. This vision is at the heart of the organization. Vision Zero came at the right time, as Malaysia is building a prevention culture in the workplace.
To ensure visibility, understanding and successful implementation of Vision Zero among employers and employees in Malaysia, SOCSO focuses on promotion and awareness raising alongside workplace resources and field implementation."

The Social Security Organization of Malaysia (SOCSO) provides protection against employment injury, invalidity and unemployment to the working population in Malaysia. Coverage includes local employees, the self-employed and foreign workers. SOCSO also implements rehabilitation, prevention and health promotion activities for its contributors as part of its vision to become a dynamic social security provider.
The National Research Centre for the Working Environment, Denmark

Pete Kines,
Senior Scientific Researcher, The National Research Centre for the Working Environment, Denmark

Pete Kines
"To have its greatest value and impact a Vision Zero strategy for safety, health and wellbeing needs to be integrated into existing business strategies, processes and leadership systems. Success depends on the commitment and influence of leaders and workers at all levels in the organisation. Investment in the Vision Zero strategy requires focus on the processes involved in creating safe and healthy business, benchmarking on active leading indicators, and ensuring continuous learning and resilience."

We do research, communicate and educate about safety, health and wellbeing in the workplace. We work nationally and internationally to create knowledge to inspire and be used by workplaces, authorities, consultants and other actors. We help identify, explore, prevent and manage future challenges and new potential risks. Our research is organized into five fields: Psychosocial work; Musculoskeletal disorders and physical workload; Accidents and safety culture; Epidemiology and safety monitoring; and Toxicology, nano safety and microbiology.
Logo Grupo Progreso

Jorge Tubio,
CEO, PRLInnovación

Jorge Turbio
“Our mission is to foster a healthy and safe working environment to prevent harm to people by embracing Vision Zero.
Our purpose is to empower people and companies to lead the shared commitment strategy of Vision Zero.
Our vision is to be the national reference point in Spain for companies driving the transition towards a safe, healthy and sustainable world in line with Vision Zero.”

PRLInnovación is a non-profit association in which we aim to promote innovation in the field of health and safety. We promote the implementation of a culture of health and safety focused on people and aligned with business goals. Our members are exclusively large companies, represented by their health and safety directors. Our members employ 7% of the total working population in Spain.
Grupo Progreso logo

Mr José Raúl Gonzalez,
CEO, Grupo Progreso

Mr José Raúl Gonzalez
“Decades before the industry developed the concept of occupational safety and health (OSH), Carlos F. Novella - founder of Progreso, demanded from every member of his organization, to consider the well-being of everyone involved before taking any action. Vision Zero came in as a perfect fit in the DNA of our culture. It goes beyond a matter of compliance, it is a way to live and preserve the legacy of our founder. We believe that Vision Zero possible!”

Grupo Progreso is a leading Central American cement and building materials corporation with presence in 4 countries; 120 years old, 100% family owned. Internationally recognized leadership in occupational safety and health (OSH), ethics, environmental practices, sustainability and innovation. “Together we build the country in which we want to live”.
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Ms Jillian Hamilton,
Managing Director, Manage Damage

Ms Jillian Hamilton
“We joined Vision Zero to be part of a global movement where the value of every life is equal. Vision Zero helps nations to put safety on the agenda either for the very first time; or confirms the intentions of a more established nation in their journey on safety.
We think Vision Zero is most appropriate today with our globalised supply chains of people, products and services - what we consume matters to us & that people are producing in a safe & ethical manner is key to sustainability. ”

The Manage Damage is an Australian Risk Management Advisory Firm that saw the need to approach safety & risk in a new way.
The result is Risk Dollarisation® The Financial Approach to Non-Financial Risk - where the true cost of business risk is quantified by its damage cost which creates an environment where it is marked, measured and managed.
Occupational Health and Safety Managers

Mr Ehi Iden,
Chief Executive Officer, Occupational Health and Safety Managers

Mr Ehi Iden
“Vision Zero is not only a campaign but a movement for improvement. During its launch in Singapore in 2017, I made a moral commitment to sign up and advocate for this campaign across Africa where Enterprise and National launches are now happening. Vision Zero is a tool for business sustainability, productivity and profitability. The Vision Zero 7 Golden Rules are applicable and adaptable to virtually all conditions. As a Vision Zero Advocate, I stand for ZERO Harm.”

The Occupational Health and Safety Managers (OHSM) of Nigeria is designed to support organisations from recruitment to retirement, conducting health assessment, surveys, health, safety and wellness training and safe workplace interventions.
OHSM offers pre-employment health and fitness medical examination, food handler’s health assessment, chemical handler’s examination, drug and alcohol testing and Occupational Health Advisory services.
The Boeing Company

Ms Ursula English,
Vice President of Boeing Defense, Space and Security Total Quality, The Boeing Company

Ms Ursula English, Vice President of Environment, Health & Safety, The Boeing Company
“Boeing cares about the safety and well-being of its employees and is committed to a workplace where every person who works at or visits our property leaves each day as healthy as when they arrived. We support Vision Zero and the continued effort to find and share proactive solutions to prevent workplace injuries and incidents.”

Boeing is the world's largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners, defense, space and security systems, and service provider of aftermarket support. As America’s biggest manufacturing exporter, the company supports airlines and U.S. and allied government customers in more than 150 countries. Boeing products and tailored services include commercial and military aircraft, satellites, weapons, electronic and defense systems, launch systems, advanced information and communication systems, and performance-based logistics and training.
Coca Cola Amatil company logo

Mr Jon Baker,
Group Head of Health and Safety, Coca-Cola Amatil

Mr Jon Baker
We joined Vision Zero as it is aligned with the Amatil approach to safety with its focus on leadership and worker engagement, hazard and risk management. We see Vision Zero as a positive catalyst for change and believe that through our participation we can share, learn and move closer to the Amatil vision of zero workplace injuries and illnesses.

Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) is one of the largest bottlers and distributors of alcoholic and non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages in the Asia-Pacific region and one of the world's larger bottlers of The Coca-Cola Company.
Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) operates in six countries – Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Samoa and has a proud history as a local manufacturer, with a focus on food and beverage products, pushing boundaries, blazing trails and creating possibilities, for more than 100 years.
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Mr Denis Charles Kouassi,
Director General, Social Insurance Institute - National Social Insurance Fund, Côte d’Ivoire

Mr Denis Charles Kouassi, Director General, Social Insurance Institute - National Social Insurance Fund, Côte d’Ivoire
“I salute the Vision Zero campaign, which proposes concrete, adaptable and flexible solutions. The question of reducing professional risks through an ambitious prevention policy that takes into account the wellbeing of workers must be approached through the development strategy of each institution and company. Management must engage but success can only be guaranteed through the involvement of all workers. On this point, Vision Zero comes to accompany the social security institutions in their prevention strategy.”

The National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS) of Côte d’Ivoire manages the obligatory social insurance scheme of the private and related sectors. It is also involved in the field of health and social action. The CNPS employs 1300 people across the country. Over 36,000 employers with more than 780,000 employees are covered.
Novo Nordisk company logo

Ms Tina Kierbyholm,
Health and Safety Coordinator in Product Supply, Novo Nordisk

Ms Tina Kierbyholm, Health and Safety Coordinator in Product Supply, Novo Nordisk
“We like Vision Zero because it addresses Health and Safety holistically and involves the employees in a new and engaging way. Vision Zero is a process where no harm due to work throughout the entire working life is a leading star and not a KPI.”

Product Supply is the production division in Novo Nordisk A/S with ~14.700 employees worldwide. Product Supply is responsible for the supply of all marketed and phase III development products within the treatments of Diabetes, Haemophilia, Growth disorders, Obesity and Menopause.
Siemens company logo

Mr Lars Hoffmann,
Head of Safety at Siemens

Mr Lars Hoffmann, Head of Safety at Siemens
“Everyone should be able to rely on a safe working environment at all times so that they can return to their family and friends healthy and safe. Caring for people and the environment is a commitment that goes beyond profit. Siemens takes this social responsibility for occupational health and safety very seriously. Vision Zero starts with those who hold responsibility, but it can only become a living culture if everyone contributes.”

Siemens is a global powerhouse positioned along the electrification value chain – from power generation, transmission and distribution to smart grid solutions and the efficient application of electrical energy – as well as in the areas of medical imaging and laboratory diagnostics. Siemens has around 377,000 employees in more than 200 countries/regions.