| Virtual event on 19 September 2021
The main objective of this side event at the XXII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work is to invite the global OSH-Community to attend next year’s online Vision Zero Summit Japan 2022 from 11 to 13 May 2022.
A training excellence initiative to meet global calls for a safer world of work has been launched by the Vision Zero training network. The initiative is inspired by the International Social Security Association’s (ISSA) Vision Zero strategy, which focuses on a culture of prevention underpinned by seven golden rules, and supported by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).
On the occasion of the Indian Independence Day on 15 August, hundreds of school children have made a Vision Zero pledge. While Vision Zero promotes health, safety and wellbeing at work, the support of school children is welcome and will also benefit teachers and other school staff.
The International Vision Zero Conference 2021 will be held in Lagos, Nigeria. 23-25 November 2021. The event organizers have announced the call for abstracts.

The European Commission recently published the EU strategic framework on health and safety at work 2021-2027. The strategy adopts the Vision Zero approach to eliminate work-related deaths in the European Union (EU). This demonstrates how Vision Zero, developed by the International Social Security Association (ISSA), is moving from a campaign to become a strategic tool.

The Vision Zero Webinar Series: Work-Related Road Safety (International) was organised by the Social Security Organization of Malaysia (SOCSO) on 24 June, in cooperation with the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) and under the Vision Ze

Vision Zero marks the World Day for Safety and Health at Work on 28 April. As we emerge gradually from COVID-19, there is a need to build resilient occupational safety and health (OSH) systems. The global pandemic has put the health and safety of workers on the agenda like never before. By building on this experience we can be even better prepared in the future.
The Vision Zero movement continues to grow and how now reached the milestone of 15,000 supporters globally. At the same time, Vision Zero is moving from campaign to strategy with a number of important developments.
We have teamed up with The European Network of Health and Safety Professional Organizations (ENSHPO) to explore how Vision Zero can be applied by companies in the environmental sector, by creating a systematic approach, based on the 7 Golden Rules, to contribute to a better environmental protection.
The online conference Vision Zero and the Great Reset, which was organised on 17 and 18 March 2021 by the International ORP Foundation in collaboration with the Global and the Danish Vision Zero Councils demonstrated that the global occupational safety and health (OSH) community is ready to contribute to a safer, healthier and more sustainable post-COVID-19 world of work.