Vision Zero Event
XV International Symposium on Electrical Safety
Vision Zero
International Social Security Association, Switzerland
San José
Costa Rica
XV Simposio Internacional sobre Seguridad Eléctrica

Since 2008, the International Symposium on Electrical Safety (SISE) has annually taken place in a different Latin American country. This year’s 15th edition will be held in San José, Costa Rica.

The International Symposium on Electrical Safety is a scientific event that aims to improve health and safety standards for professionals in the electricity sector. The XV SISE is hosted by the Section member CIER (Commission for Regional Energetic Integration in Latin America and the Caribbean), it’s Central American Committee CECACIER as well as the ISSA Electricity Section. The purpose is to share the latest global innovations in electrical safety.

The symposium will focus on topics like:

  • Successful prevention strategies/VISION ZERO
  • New trends with an impact on electrical safety
  • Occupational Safety and Health: Practical experiences and accident examples

The first day of the event will centre around lectures covering these various topics. On the second day, participants will engage in workshops designed to foster interaction and leverage their collective experiences. The last day will feature a technical visit (limited number of participants). Here you can find the event program (Spanish only).

Here you can register for the event.

In order to learn more about previous editions, please visit the event website.



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