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Vision Zero takes centre stage at the World Congress
Vision Zero
International Social Security Association, Switzerland
08 Dec 23
Vision Zero award ceremony

The World Congress of Safety and Health at Work took place in Sydney, Australia, 27–30 November 2023. Vision Zero was major focus for the event, with the ISSA organizing seven sessions focused on Vision Zero, along with six further sessions related to the ISSA sections work. In addition, the ISSA had a large presence in the exhibition area promoting the Vision Zero strategy.

Vision Zero was launched at the World Congress in Singapore, and since then has grown to be a global prevention strategy. In his opening speech to the congress, the ISSA President Dr Azman highlighted “The Vision Zero strategy allows every workplace, every company, and every industry in every region of the world to build their prevention culture.”

The ISSA recognized the achievements of 21 supporters of Vision Zero at an awards ceremony on the 28 November. Organizations as diverse as the government of Singapore and the Siemens company have achieved major reductions in accidents and increases in awareness using the Vision Zero strategy. These are just two examples from over 16,000 organizations that have already supported the Vision Zero strategy.

The World Congress featured session on Vision Zero in relation to: education, global supply chains, mobile workplaces, the construction sector, the mining sector and creating a safety culture through collaboration.

In his closing remarks, the ISSA Secretary-General Marcelo Caetano emphasized that “ISSA is proud to say with confidence that what we do with Vision Zero works. And we invite you to join our Vision Zero community.”



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