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New Vision Zero self-check tool: Wellbeing and teleworking during the COVID-19 pandemic
Vision Zero
International Social Security Association, Switzerland
19 May 20
Team well-being

Our Vision Zero Partner IDEC in Japan has developed this interesting tool to manage wellbeing in times of COVID-19. We embrace this wonderful initiative!

Leveraging the Vision Zero philosophy to ensure Safety, Health, and Wellbeing, this checklist tool is based on the 7 Golden Rules. It focusses on the Vision Zero aspects of wellbeing, such as a ‘lack of control’ or a ‘lack of social support’ while working remotely, as well as other factors that define wellbeing at home. It is designed around IDEC’s core values being integrity, innovation, communication, passion and harmony.

A first test was conducted and the checklist was sent to over 1300 employees that currently work from home.. The initial survey result showed a gradual improvement in the overall wellbeing, but also helped IDEC to identify areas of improvements.

Download the tool here.



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