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The Forum Prävention is the most important Austrian specialist event in the field of prevention, employee protection, safety technology and personal protective equipment and takes place annually. The latest developments in these fields will be presented at the Forum Prävention in Innsbruck, Austria, 4–6 June 2024.

General topics will be:

  • Digitalization: Kick-off of the AUVA focus on the implementation of the EU-OSHA Campaign “Safe and healthy work in the digital age”.
  • Vision Zero: Tools, examples and experiences from the Vision Zero campaign of the International Social Security Association.
  • Modern prevention concepts: Besides classic concepts, there are also approaches such as Safety II. The focus is on learning from normal and successful processes.

In addition to the plenary sessions, the Occupational Medicine, Occupational and Organisational Psychology, Construction, Chemical Industry, Ergonomics, Medical Institutions, Metal and Electrical, Oil and Gas Industry and Traffic and Transport Working Groups will also meet in Innsbruck.

On 4 June, an international seminar will take place in cooperation with the ISSA Prevention Sections on Machine and System Safety and on Information for Prevention. The Society for Security Sciences will also be holding its symposium as part of Forum Prävention. It will be interpreted in both languages English/German.

The exhibition “Prevention up to date” will be organized and include all items of personal protective equipment, software, measurement technology, office equipment, safety components and first aid products.

The target audiences of Forum Prävention are prevention experts, safety specialists, public authorities and companies engaged in prevention issues.

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Picture from Forum Prävention 2023
Picture from Forum Prävention 2023




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