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Join the Global Vision Zero Campaign and support young people on SafeDay 2018
Since the Vision Zero campaign was launched in September 2017, over 1500 companies, organisations and trainers from 116 countries have signed up to the vision of a world of work without accidents and illness.
The Vision Zero global campaign to promote safety, health and wellbeing at work was launched for the Eurasia region during the All-Russia Occupational Safety and Health Week, which took place in Sochi, Russia, 9-13 April 2018. During the event, over 400 new companies and organisations signed up to the campaign, which now has over 1500 members globally.

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work, or SafeDay, takes place on 28 April. On this occasion, the ILO has launched the campaign ‘Generation Safe and Healthy’. The Vision Zero community is encouraged to support the efforts to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for young people.

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On March 28-29, 2018, Mongolia launched the Vision Zero campaign in the framework of the Safety First Forum 2018. The complete Mongolian industry with the big mining industry in the first line is fully committed to the VISION ZERO Strategy of ISSA and to its 7 Golden Rules.
In Denmark, the National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NRCWE) has started promoting the Vision Zero campaign. After a slow start, interest is growing among Danish companies, according to Pete Kines, who is a senior adviser at the centre.
On 7 March 2018, Vision Zero was officially launched in Argentina with the participation of Mr Hans Horst Konkolewsky, Secretary General of the International Social Security Association (ISSA) and Mr Guillermo Arancibia, General Manager of the Superintendecia de Riesgos del Trabajo (SRT) from Argentina.
OdishaDiary (22.02.2018) Bhubaneswar: Work plays a central role in people’s lives. Therefore, work environments should be safe and healthy. Yet this is not the case for many workers.
The Agency of Culture and Palaces is one of the first Danish companies to have joined the Vision Zero campaign. Their aim is to apply the Seven Golden Rules in their construction sites and to emphasize the importance of good communication
In January 2018 the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation (FSS RF) joined the ISSA Vision Zero Campaign. It aims to encourage companies and organizations to participate in the global Vision Zero Campaign and to develop advanced labour protection programmes based on the seven "Golden rules".