28 Feb 2020

Vision Zero self-check tool


The Vision Zero partner company, IDEC Corporation, has developed a self-check tool.

The IDEC Corporation, a global manufacturer of industrial control components and system products, and a member of the Institute of Global Safety Promotion (IGSAP), was the first company from Japan to join the Vision Zero campaign. The company has taken a very active approach in implementing the Vision Zero approach and promoting the campaign in Japan and beyond.

Inspired by the Vision Zero’s approach to prevent accidents and diseases at work, IDEC has used the 7 Golden Rules checklist to help assess and improve the performance in safety, health, and well-being. To make the assessment easier, the company developed an intuitive Excel programme to automatically illustrate its performance in a spider chart.

The Vision Zero philosophy and the self-check tool was used in the company’s process for the ISO 45001 certification on occupational health and safety. By using the tool before and after the process, IDEC could trace a striking improvement in performance in terms of the engagement level of managers around the 7 Golden Rules. This shows that Vision Zero has helped to create a strong foundation and framework of occupational safety and health within the organization.