Manufacturer ▪ Installer of Roof Glazing and Canopies

Working in conditions that require your staff to climb tall heights in the ever-changing British weather demands a rigorous commitment to safety to avoid serious accidents. Accidents can occur with the machinery, the transportation, and the installation of the materials.

In the 1980’s, safety and health were considered to be little more than a nuisance by employers in this field. However, a pledge to continually develop the competencies of management to provide the best conditions for their workers has facilitated a gradual shift in the safety culture for Twinfix.

Twinfix managers have now completed several safety trainings and made the decision to lead by example, even concerning the details; for example, management always wears their HV jackets on construction sites for the sake of practicing what they profess. And when meteorological conditions are less than favorable, management has no qualms about halting a day of labor to avoid harm.

In addition, Twinfix has sensitized its employees to the purpose of safety and health, which has reinforced the cultural change. These changes have had a great impact on Twinfix employees resulting in a year free of accidents. It is the desire to continue making sure employees arrive home safe every night that motivates Twinfix to persevere in its battle against complacency and for real, sustainable change.

Sarah Kench, Joint Managing Director