12 Sep 2017

Thailand leads the way in Vision Zero regional launches


More than 130 industry professionals and prevention experts met at the Thai Vision Zero launch at the first International Thailand Vision Zero Conference, 12-13 September 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand. Conducted in close cooperation with the Thai Safety and Health at Work Promotion Association (SHAWPAT) and ISSA Mining, the event was held right after the XXI World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2017 in Singapore. The two-day conference in Thailand combined excellent presentations by Thai and international speakers. The contributions emphasized the high commitment of Thai businesses to adopt Vision Zero by an agile adaption of its 7 Golden Rules. Interesting business cases from Thailand showed how enterprises use the Vision Zero guide for employers and managers to identify areas for improvement and how to use the balanced scorecard to evaluate their current state.

The event received great support from the Thai Ministry of Labour, associations, social insurance institutions and the Asia Pacific Occupational Safety & Health Organization (APOSHO) along with the Thai private sector.