17 Oct 2017

Germany hosts European launch of Vision Zero


Along with being Europe’s biggest economy, Germany can now also add host of the European Vision Zero launch to its credit. The ISSA Secretary General, Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, took to the stage at the A+A event at the Congress Center in Düsseldorf on October 17th to present the Vision Zero concept to a room filled with enthusiastic representatives from different sectors . The audience included government workers, members of international organizations and influential directors in the private sector. As part of the initial launch, after the audience cheered for this new global prevention campaign by waving Vision Zero flags, Mr Konkolewsky invited some of the most distinguished members of the crowd to receive official Vision Zero Partner Certificates. Mr Manfred Müller, head of safety at Lufthansa and newly appointed Vision Zero ambassador, was among the recipients of the partner certificates and he gave a compelling speech about the importance of having a zero-accident approach. For people who fly regularly, his question, "Which flight would you like to be the one that goes down?" resonated deeply.