29 May 2020

Coming soon: Vison Zero Indicators


The Vision Zero Indicator Project team has completed its work and presented a draft report on a set of proactive leading indicators useful for organizations and companies committed to Vision Zero.

The International Social Security Association (ISSA) is grateful to all those who have actively contributed to this ISSA project. The project team received important contributions from organizations and companies in 20 sectors of economic activity and from more than 20 countries, as well as professional organizations and some key individual professionals.

The result of the project is a set of 14 proactive leading indicators, two for each of the seven Golden Rules. There are three options for their measurement, varying from a simple checklist approach to more advanced quantitative measurement. There will be fact sheets for the individual indicators, and a Guide for the users.

It was ISSA’s intention to officially launch the set of 14 proactive leading indicators at the XXII World congress on Safety and Health, planned for October this year in Toronto. However, as the World Congress is postponed until September 2021, the ISSA will launch this as soon as the Guide and fact sheets have been reviewed and are ready for publication.