Dairy Food and Drink Company ▪ 38,000 Employees

Almarai is one of the largest dairy companies that supplies the six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. The high number of employees and the vast area of the Middle East serviced by this company multiply the risk of accidents. Therefore, Almari saw a need and an opportunity to educate its senior executives so that safety leadership would become ‘business as usual.’

The next step for Almari was using the available safety training to standardize its own policies across different parts of the company, while remaining flexible enough to adapt to the specificities of local and legal requirements.

These safety courses produced an immediate reaction in their participants: a commitment to becoming a positive safety leader. This has resulted in a complete top-down change in the company’s culture given the support and involvement of even the most senior executives within the company.

Keith Scott, Head of Health, Safety and Security.