Brisbane, Australia, 22 Aug 2018

Safety Governance: How informed is your board about managing damage?

Vision Zero Australia Launch

Safety Governance is often overlooked in the space of risk governance. However with globalisation of our markets, newly increased penalities and the positive duty of due diligence for directors and officers, the focus on safety governance must be reignited.

Managing the non-financial risk in an organisation is often difficult to visualise. At this unique half day event, international and national experts will explore safety governance and its impact on your business, your position as a board member, or operational leader and how you can lead for positive fiscal outcomes and best practice. You will be provided with best practice case studies and solutions to govern safety risk, which will help you finesse your strategy on safety governance.

At the conclusion of the event, the International Security Association will launch its Vision Zero campaign in Australia. This is the first global campaign to improve safety, health and wellbeing at work; acknowledges that no-one from any nation should loose their life at work.