Mr Hans-Horst Konkolewsky,
ISSA Secretary-General

Mr. Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, ISSA Secretary-General
“While it is important to further reduce accident risks we strongly believe that in todays’ complex and demanding world of work companies need to focus more on health risks including those that negatively influence people’s wellbeing. A workplace without accidents, diseases and harm is only possible if both the safety, health and wellbeing of people is properly looked after”.

Mr Michael López-Alegría,
Former Commander of the International Space Station

Michael Lopez-Alegria,  Former Commander of the International Space Station

“Vision Zero is a very effective strategy to ensure safety, health and wellbeing, in space as on Earth. As commander of the International Space Station, I was responsible for the safety of my crew. It was my prime objective to make sure that they were unharmed during our mission. Risk assessment, preparation and training are key for a safe return to Earth. However, nothing can substitute good leadership and commitment to ‘safety first.’ For this reason, safety concerns were at the core of every decision I made both in orbit and on the ground.

I am delighted to be an ambassador of the Vision Zero Campaign to help raise awareness that all occupational accidents and diseases are preventable.”


Mr Lars Hoffmann,
Head of Safety at Siemens

Mr Lars Hoffmann, Head of Safety at Siemens

“Everyone should be able to rely on a safe working environment at all times so that they can return to their family and friends healthy and safe. Caring for people and the environment is a commitment that goes beyond profit. Siemens takes this social responsibility for occupational health and safety very seriously. Vision Zero starts with those who hold responsibility, but it can only become a living culture if everyone contributes.”


Ms Pirkko Mattila,
Minister of Social Affairs and Health, Finland

Ms Pirkko Mattila, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, Finland

“Our mind-set needs to aim at a Vision Zero: zero accidents, zero harm...Some people think Vision Zero is unrealistic. We beg to differ; the power of our mind-set is strong. Finland established the national Zero-Accident Forum for enterprises in 2003 and almost four hundred enterprises have joined the forum by now... Many enterprises were able to decrease the numbers of their accidents substantially, and at the same time making substantial savings in monetary terms.

Thus, Finland is strongly supporting the ISSA Vision Zero Campaign”

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